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I’m an erotic model and an unapologetic advocate for the right to free self-expression.


Which of our morals are our own and which were given to us? Let’s explore.


Playing with a new artistic expression that mingles sexuality and elegance.


Which fantasy would you like to see me embody? Let’s play.


Finally, we are free to express without censorship. Let’s peel back the pasties.


Replace judgement with curiosity. Allow me to bend your perspective a little.

Darker Side

Witness as I explore my shadow self and find out just how much pleasure I can derive from the darker side of life.

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Sometimes I think about women from times past who dared to be fully expressed in their sexuality and landed themselves in institutions. All it took back then was for one man to claim that a woman was "hysterical" and her fate could end in a lobotomy. I thank the...

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Double Lives

Double Lives

In the past, I have tried monogamous relationships, though I have never been successful. Nowadays, I'm more honest with myself about who I am. I think it's better to be upfront about that at the beginning of a relationship to avoid the pitfalls of lying and cheating....

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I’m up in the Himalayas at the moment. I’ve been travelling around India for the past few weeks. India is one of my favorite places in the world to explore! Each corner of this country is so vastly different from the next. Being a tall, white, blonde in India, I’m...

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