I recently shared this video on my social media by an artist called Stephanie Sarley.
The video caused a lot of buzz. I had countless messages stream in with questions like:

Why did this turn me on so much?
Why is this so erotic?
Why do I feel so dirty right now?

It’s strange how we can appreciate the awe-inspiring female genitalia when it’s reflected back to us in nature — in the most exotic of flowers or the juiciest of fruits.

I recently got dragged along to a stand-up comedy night. Throughout the show, whether the comedian was a man or a woman, the recurring butt of the joke was pussy.

We might expect this from the guys. But halfway through the night, a female comic gets up and announces to the room that she recently, for the first time, went down on a woman. She proceeded to tell us how bad the pussy tasted and how laborious the whole process was . . . of eating a woman out.

I thought to myself, Wait! Some pussies are nice. Some pussies are beautiful. You just went down on the wrong one. Like, for real.

I think pussy is beautiful. And delicious. And miraculous. And its appreciation is dying from our society. Especially when the very word itself — pussy — is understood to be synonymous with “coward.”

The excitement and arousal that Stephanie Sarley’s fruit porn is stirring up have shone a new light on the pussy. It shows there is a deep power to the seductive pull of the female sexual organs. And that, actually, there’s a part of us yearning to express our appreciation of pussy. Perhaps next time we want to point at someone’s cowardice, we try the word, “scrotum” for a change?
Just kidding! 🙂

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